Steer Clear of Trouble this Christmas

Steer Clear of Trouble this Christmas
December 20, 2017 Catherine McTigue

Christmas is a time to let your hair down at parties but it’s surprisingly easy to fall foul of the law. As TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher discovered, alcohol can stay in your system a long time. She was almost three times over the legal limit the morning after drinking. Being convicted of driving with excess alcohol can not only ruin Christmas but also your career. The Police are alert to drink driving at this time of year and the Courts will disqualify people from driving for at least 12 months if convicted.

At Enoch Evans we are experts in Criminal law and have successfully defended numerous people for drink drive offences. There are also a number of special reasons we have successfully argued for our clients over the years to avoid disqualification. For example, they had to drive due to an emergency, their drink was spiked or they only drove a short distance.

Christmas also means driving long distances to see family and, with more speed camera on our roads, it’s all too easy to lose your licence by getting too many points. We can also help here as we are experts in running ‘exceptional hardship’ arguments. In short, we can persuade the court that losing your licence would place you at a real disadvantage.

So, if you run into trouble over Christmas, call 07836 289425. We are available 24 hours a day, even on Christmas Day!