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Celebrity Judge Highlights Elder Abuse

Celebrity Judge Highlights Elder Abuse
November 1, 2018 Andrew McManus

Although an unusual source of news, celebrity Barrister Judge Rinder highlighted the sad case of 102 years old Edith Negus, who was financially abused by her carer, Julie Sayles, in his programme “Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories”, aired recently.

During the last few years of Mrs Negus’ life, Sayles managed to alienate from her nieces and nephews, who she had always been close to and was a surrogate mother to. She persuaded Mrs Negus to transfer £270,000 into their joint names and then immediately spent the pensioner’s life savings on two properties she bought in her own name.  Not content with this, Sayles then went on to force Mrs Negus to make a new Will in which she benefited from Mrs Negus’ house and possessions, cutting out Mrs Negus’ family. When Mrs Negus died and her family were not consulted regarding their aunt’s funeral, they complained to Humberside Police who carried out a full investigation into Sayles’ activities.  Sayles was eventually arrested and was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, the Judge labelling her a “merciless fraudster” for this abuse of trust.

It is essential that the elderly, frail and vulnerable, who are sometimes quite susceptible to undue influence from those around them, obtain independent legal advice before transferring assets, making substantial gifts and making their Will. Here at Enoch Evans LLP we have a dedicated Team, with many years’ experience in protecting vulnerable people and achieving the right results for them. We can act as Attorneys, managing financial affairs during your lifetime and where appropriate, as Executors, ensuring that loved ones benefit from estates after your death, ensuring that hard earned wealth is protected from the unscrupulous.  Equally, if the worst has already happened and a vulnerable person may have been taken advantage of, our specialist team can seek to undo lifetime transactions or challenge Wills which were entered into unwillingly or without knowledge.

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