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Covid-19 – Management of Finances

Covid-19 – Management of Finances
April 7, 2020 Christopher Bate

Senior lady sitting on bedAm I classified as a vulnerable person?  How do I get priority home delivery?

In the UK, there are more than 400,000 vulnerable people who have no friends or family to help with their shopping or management of their financial affairs.

The Government is working with the supermarket industry to release a list of the most vulnerable. Supermarkets are on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and have been forced to find new ways to reach the millions of vulnerable people who can no longer visit the shops.

The Government has advised more than 1.5 million clinically vulnerable people to stay at home for 12 weeks to shield themselves.

Of those, there are thought to be around 400,000 people who don’t have a support network of family and friends to help them get shopping. Online shopping sites have been flooded with shoppers all to obtain the few delivery slots on offer.

The largest supermarkets are set to be given access to the Government’s list of vulnerable people who don’t have any help to get their shopping, in a bid to prioritise their online delivery slots.

If you class as a vulnerable person and don’t have a support network, you can sign up on the government website.

Large supermarkets will be prioritising orders for those who are on the Government’s list of vulnerable people and has said it will be in touch with them by email once it has received the full list.

Many supermarkets have increased its capacity for home deliveries and “click and collect” to reach more people and have announced plans to increase their capacity to deliver groceries to more customers.

Many people without family or friends are also struggling to get out to pay their bills, deal with their insurances as well as manage their finances generally.

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