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Criminal & Motoring Offences

The Criminal team have long established experience and expertise in dealing with Investigations Court Proceedings the Totting Up procedure Disqualification from driving Benefit Fraud cases

We have a long established experienced criminal team, and deal with the full range of criminal matters, from investigations through to court proceedings and appeals.
Enoch Evans LLP provide a service to businesses and individuals in respect of a whole range of prosecutions, and we have successfully represented people at courts up and down the country in respect of Totting Up procedure and successfully avoided disqualification for drivers on the basis of exceptional hardship.  We have an established reputation in the Midlands and offer an efficient and effective service.
Our areas of work include:
> Investigations
> Court Proceedings
> Appeals
> Motoring Offences, including; drink driving, penalty points and disqualification from driving
> Benefit Fraud
> Totting Up procedure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay or will I be eligible for Legal Aid?

At the police station:-Advice and representation at the police station is free. Even away from the police station a suspect being interviewed by a police constable is entitled to legal advice for no charge. At the Magistrates Court:- Legal Aid is available for proceedings in the Magistrates Court subject to your financial circumstances and the case being one which is sufficiently serious (normally carrying a risk of imprisonment). At the Crown Court:- Legal Aid is available for all proceedings in the Crown Court subject to financial circumstances though you may be ordered to pay a contribution.

Does a case get passed between your team?

Enoch Evans LLP have a highly skilled team and often several individuals will work together on the case as a whole.  However our normal policy is that a clients case will be primarily dealt with by one person throughout wherever possible.  Because Enoch Evans have two Higher Court Advocates many cases are dealt with by the same person right through from the police station investigation to trial in the Crown Court.

Why should I ask for a Solicitor at the police station?

Suspects who are interviewed without asking for legal representation will normally not know the detail of what they are to be asked about or what evidence the police have. By having a solicitor this enables us to obtain disclosure from the police before the interview and advise on your rights whilst in custody. We then have the opportunity to advise a client in relation to the procedure and likely questions to be asked and also advise on the correct approach to be taken during the interview. In addition by being present in the interview we are able to ensure that the suspect has the opportunity to put their side of the story fully, that the interview is conducted properly and fairly and intervene on behalf of a person being questioned if the questioning is unfair, inappropriate or oppressive. We are able to challenge the police about their evidence and any further investigation which should be completed. People being interviewed by a police constable not under arrest, or away from the police station are also entitled to legal advice. Representation at interviews by other prosecuting authorities such as the Department of Work & Pensions or Trading Standards also carry a right to legal representation and can be available free of charge subject to means.

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Senior Solicitor
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Legal Executive
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