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Information about our Charges – Crime Motoring Matters

No matter what legal assistance you require, Enoch Evans LLP always recommends that you speak with a member of our specialist team in order that a quote can be personally tailored to your specific circumstances.  Please call us on 01922 720333 (Walsall), 0121 355 2336 (Sutton Coldfield) or email

Enoch Evans have a highly experienced team of lawyers dealing with motoring offences. Headed by Chris Loach who has over 30 years’ experience dealing will a full range of motoring cases.

Please contact the team for advice on costs. Prices are based on the charging rates depending upon the fee earner acting ranging from £150.00 per hour to £230.00 per hour. The overall cost will depend on the complexity of the case and how much work is involved but we will often be able to agree a fixed fee between £100.00 and £200.00 plus VAT to cover an initial consultation or for representation at a hearing for a guilty plea and mitigation £300.00 to £600.00 plus VAT. If the case were to involve exceptional hardship or special reasons then the cost would vary depending on the length and complexity of the case.

Where a matter is listed in the court we would always seek to be able to deal with the case at the first hearing if possible.