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Andrew Wood  Legal Executive

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T: 01922 728122
M: 07808 321981
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Andrew is a Chartered Legal Executive and has specialised in Family Law since 2006.
You may wonder what the difference is between a Chartered Legal Executive and a Solicitor. The main difference is that the training to become a Chartered Legal Executive will mean that a Chartered Legal Executive will have chosen which area of Law they wish to specialise in at an early stage whereas a Solicitor will have to have study a number of compulsory legal practice subjects. Chartered Legal Executives study to the same level as solicitors, but they study fewer subjects overall.
The specialist nature of the Chartered Legal Executive training route does not cause problems in the working environment, since all lawyers, be they solicitors, barristers or Chartered Legal Executives, tend to specialise in only one area of legal practice once they have qualified.
Andrew can help you following a relationship breakdown whether you are married or simply living together, advise you on how to resolve financial matters following a relationship breakdown and in making arrangements for your children to live or spend time with you.
Andrew is accredited as a Specialist Family Lawyer by Resolution for dealing with Complex Finances and Children.
Memberships and Associations:
Committee Member of Walsall Law Association
Member of Birmingham Law Society
 Member of Resolution
 The Help and Support for Separated Families
Hobbies & interests:
Andrew has a young family but when he does have some spare time he tries to play football and less convincingly golf.
What the Clients say:
We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all that you have done for us over the past few months, all of which has kept us quite sane and positive since our first meeting. To get the outcome from this situation that we have, we could not have asked for more. Having been told by many to give up it was your advice and knowledge that led us to where we are today. Once again, thank you.
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Happy Ever After

Once you reach a certain age you realise that “happy ever after” does not always apply to real life and whilst we all still hold out hope, some of us have to taste reality, which can sneak up on us unexpectedly.