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Fixed Fee Divorce Information

  1. Have been married for at least a year
  2. You are currently based in the UK and have been for at least six months
  3. You must bring to our first meeting your marriage certificate and, if necessary, a certified translation together with the completed Matrimonial Instructions Sheet which you can complete here.
There is only one ground upon which Divorce proceedings can be issued and that is that your marriage has irretrievably broken down. To prove this we need to establish one of five facts, namely:-
  1. Your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to continue to live with him/her; or
  2. Your spouse has behaved in such a way that you cannot reasonably be expected to live with him/her; or
  3. Your spouse has deserted you for a continuous period of at least two years; or
  4. You have lived apart from your spouse for at least two years and you both consent to the Divorce proceedings; or
  5. You have lived apart from your spouse for at least five years, in which case you do not need your spouse’s agreement to the Divorce
Fixed Fee Divorce Costs
Our fees – £500.00 plus VAT at the current rate (currently £100)
Court fee for issuing Petition at Court (currently) – £550.00
Total – £1,150.00
What is included in the Fixed Fee Divorce Scheme?
The scheme includes all steps from initial instructions through to Decree Absolute for undefended Divorce. Prior to your initial meeting with one of the family team you will need to complete the Matrimonial Instruction Sheet, which can be accessed here. We will then meet with you to confirm we can act for you under this scheme and advise you upon your options in issuing a Divorce Petition and all relevant steps to be taken to obtain Decree Absolute.
We will then draft the Divorce Petition. If appropriate, we will send a copy of the Petition to your spouse before lodging it with the Court to be issued.
Upon your spouse acknowledging receipt of the Divorce Petition and assuming that proceedings are not defended, we will draft and complete the documentation necessary to progress to the next stage, which we will then lodge with the Court.
Receive the date for you Decree Nisi
Apply for Decree Absolute if appropriate
What is not covered?
If your divorce becomes more complex for example, because your spouse defends the proceedings, or does not acknowledge receipt of the Divorce Petition we will need to do extra work. We will notify you of this as soon as practicable and provide you with an estimate of the likely increase in fees and the work to be undertaken, but we will not be able to complete matters in accordance with the fixed fee agreement.
Where the Petition is based upon adultery, the fixed fee Divorce does not cover proceedings where a Co-Respondent is named.
When we first meet with you we will need to have certain financial information in order to be able to identify whether there are any further areas of advice that will be required.
Issues surrounding the financial aspects of your divorce or any issues relating to your children may need to be resolved before we are able to apply for Decree Absolute. Any work undertaken in respect of these issues is outside the scope of the straightforward Divorce proceedings will not be covered by this scheme and will be charged in accordance with our Terms of Business which will be provided to you soon after the first meeting.
Within the Divorce proceedings it is possible to ask the Court that your spouse contributes towards your costs. This may cover some, or all, of the fees under this Scheme. If an Order for Costs is sought then this scheme does not cover the additional costs of attending any hearing to deal with costs or enforcing a Costs Order within the Divorce proceedings. We will advise you separately upon this.
How the fees are payable?
  1. Fees payable immediately following the first meeting £300.00
  2. Fee payable when Divorce Petition is ready to be issued by the Court £550.00 (Court fee)
  3. Fee payable when we lodge the Statement in Support £300.00
Court fees correct as at January 2014
You may not have to pay the Court fee if you have little or no savings, are in receipt of certain benefits or have a low income. Speak to us for further advice.