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Public Funding

Public funding (legal aid) is still available for the following cases:

  1. Care proceedings – Are the Local Authority seeking a care order in respect of your child or a child in your extended family. If you are a parent you will be entitled to public funding and free representation regardless of your financial means. If you are a relative you may be entitled to public funding dependent on your means.
  2. Injunctions/Non- molestation orders- Are you in need of protection from a violent or abusive partner. Public funding is available, subject to your means.
  3. Divorce, Financial settlement, Applications regarding children- Although public funding is unavailable as a general rule you may still be eligible for funding if any of the following apply:

a) there are ongoing police investigations or criminal proceedings or there have been such in the last 2 years

b) you have obtained a non-molestation order or an undertaking against an abusive partner within the last 2 years

c) social services have been involved with you in relation to domestic violence or abuse and you have a statement from the social worker to confirm

d) you have a letter from your GP or a refuge confirming you are suffering from or escaping from domestic violence (specimen letters are available to view on the Ministry of Justice or Legal Aid Agency website).

Some more specific information can be obtained at;