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Is it Necessary to Make a Will?

Is it Necessary to Make a Will?
September 30, 2020 Reiss Matthews

Family SilhouetteThere is a general perception that Wills are for the elderly and those in ill-health but life is uncertain. Everyone needs a Will, to ensure your hard earnt assets are protected where possible and go to the people or causes which you care the most about.

Certain events prompt people to make a Will such as an increase in personal wealth, buying a property and having children.

When parents make Wills, they want to ensure that their children are provided for in the best way. Whilst the primary focus is usually on financial provisions, what about your children’s welfare, especially if both parents die?

Nobody wants to think about dying young or leaving their children behind, especially young children but what happens if you should die before your children reach the age 18? Those under the age of 18, in the eyes of the law, are classed as minors. If their parents have passed away, they will need a legal Guardian to help and support them.

A Guardian may be appointed through a Will to have parental responsibility for your children. Parental responsibility means all the legal rights, powers, responsibility and authority of a parent. Properly appointed Guardians have all the necessary legal rights and responsibilities. In many cases appointing a Guardian in your Will provides valuable piece of mind that your children are going to be looked after by someone you have chosen and trust.

The expert lawyers in the Wills, Tax and Probate team at Enoch Evans LLP have a wealth of experience in advising upon and drafting Wills. The team based in Walsall and Sutton Coldfield are Reiss Matthews - Partneralso experts in providing bespoke advice upon how best to reduce the Inheritance Tax that will be due on death.  The Department is accredited by the Law Society for membership of its elite Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (‘WIQS’). Enoch Evans LLP are also happy to store client’s Wills securely; this offers client’s peace of mind that the Will can easily be located by your Executors following your death and that your wishes will be followed.

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