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Probate Application Fee Increase Back On The Table

Probate Application Fee Increase Back On The Table
November 7, 2018 Richard Neea

In April 2017 the Proposed Probate Application Fee increase – from the current £215 fee to a potential maximum of £20,000 – was scrapped, or more accurately put on hold following a recent announcement by Parliament.  The Probate Application Fee is the charge made by the Probate Registry for processing a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration application, which is often needed to administer a person’s Estate following their death.

Currently, application fees are £155 or £215 depending on who the application is made by, should the amended Legislation proceed, it provides for a tiered Probate Application Fee based solely on the size of the Estate being dealt with.  It is proposed that the Probate Application Fee will range from £250 for Estates between £50,000 and £300,000, up to a maximum of £6,000 for Estates with a value of over £2 million.

Richard Neea, Head of Wills, Tax and Probate at Enoch Evans LLP comments that ‘It is unfortunately no great surprise that the Probate Fee increase has eventually come back on to the agenda.  I am sure, in coming months, there will be much discussion regarding the legitimacy of the increase with no implementation date yet set.  At Enoch Evans LLP we have been advising families on changes in legislation for nearly 135 years and whatever is eventually put in place we will be ready to advise our clients on how it impacts on them personally and the options open to them.  If the changes to the Probate Application Fee come in as drafted, then there will be an even greater need for people to seek professional independent advice on how they can legitimately minimise, by taking steps during their lifetime, any extra charges.’

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