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Universal Wealth Preservation – Update

Universal Wealth Preservation – Update
October 23, 2018 Andrew McManus

In May of this year we highlighted concerns about Universal Wealth Preservation, an inheritance planning firm who promised to protect people’s assets from inheritance tax and avoid care home fees.

Universal Wealth Preservation ran seminars encouraging people to put their home into a trust run by the company.  This meant that people no longer legally owned their homes and local authorities would then – hypothetically – disregard the value of the property in the event of the former owner needing long-term care.

The BBC has reported that two people connected with the firm were arrested on suspicion of fraud. They have since been released but remain under active police investigation.  Meanwhile, many former Clients of Universal Wealth Preservation are in limbo over their legal options and face the possibility of unknown companies owning their home.

If you have concerns and wish to seek advice on what steps you should take now, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial consultation.  Our expert legal team can advise you on your Universal Wealth Preservation Trust and the choices open to you now.

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