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Buying or selling a property? What are the fees?
Our Residential Conveyancing fees in some cases can be affected by whether a property is leasehold, new-build, comes under a Help to Buy scheme, or other factors.
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Your finances

What do you need to know about Inheritance Tax?
It is never too late to look at getting your personal affairs in order. People should review their affairs regularly so that opportunities are not missed.
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Does everything have to be a 50/50 split after divorce?
Lots of factors are taken into account as part of a divorce process; the needs of the children, earning capacities and any relevant contributions.
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Looking after your assets

What is wrong with using a DIY Will kit?
Although on the face of it homemade Wills may seem a cheaper option, but there is a real risk that it will prove costly in the longer term.
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Does a dispute have to go to Court?
Court proceedings in Civil Litigation are lengthy and expensive. There are many ways to resolve disputes which do not include the Courts.
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Is this the end of no-fault evictions?
It is likely that landlords will no longer be able to evict their tenants at short notice without good reason for doing so.
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