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Our specialist employment solicitors and lawyers have a wealth of experience in guiding businesses of all sizes through the complex area of employment law in a range of situations that can arise. From advertising vacant positions to the retirement of your employees, we understand that people are a business’s most precious asset and understand the importance of managing employees in the most effective and legally compliant way.

Our employment law team in our Walsall, Sutton Coldfield and Cannock Offices support and mentor owners, managers and HR professionals on how to reach their personnel objectives, whether to action the next phase of their business plans or to resolve more contentious matters.

We avoid unnecessary jargon or processes and all interactions begin with the most vital element - what needs to be accomplished. We are practical, forward thinking and straight talking.

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

Settlement Agreements

Our employment law team can support in the preparation, advice and negotiation of severance and Settlement Agreements, helping you to secure an amicable end to an employment relationship whist protecting the company, its directors and remaining employees from future litigation.

Contracts of employment, service agreements and self-employed contracts

Our specialist employment team will help prepare and issue contracts of employment, service agreements and self-employed contracts to provide protection for your business and help you assess and review existing contracts to ensure they reflect changes in employment law, and your business.

Policies, procedures and staff handbooks

Demonstrating best practise avoids dispute and provides both sides with structure and definition in common scenarios as well and documentation required and expected standards.

Contractual disputes and restrictive covenants

It maybe necessary to protect the business when an employee leaves by restricting their access to key clients or employees and being able to enforce those terms. Our employment team can support you in the eventuality of this happening.

Redundancy processes, company restructures and suitable alternative employment

Changing the structure of a workforce to a more efficient one.

Disciplinary procedures

Fairly investigating an allegation of misconduct or gross misconduct and where appropriate, imposing a reasonable sanction.


Dealing with the requirement to terminate an employee’s employment arising in any number of scenarios.

Flexible working requests

Adhering with the legal requirement to consider all flexible working request fairly and to implement those flexible working arrangements or to deny them on a just basis.

TUPE transfers and business sales

Advising on compliance with the regulations stipulating that employees’ terms and conditions of employment need to be preserved and employees informed and/or consulted when a business or part of a business is transferred or sold.

General employment law and HR advice

Day-to-day employee issues such as annual leave queries or atypical working.

Unfair Dismissal & Unfair Constructive Dismissal

Assistance and advice to prevent an unfair dismissal or help to defend a claim being made by an employee.


From providing helpful preventative measures such as policies and procedures and staff training on spotting, preventing and avoiding discrimination to addressing grievances or claims where an accusation of discrimination is made against the company and/or an individual team member.


Advising on the appropriate process to be adopted when investigating an employee’s grievance and how to respond to the same.


If an employee raises a protected disclosure, they are entitled not to be treated to their detriment as a result and so we guide employers through the obligations when dealing with such a disclosure.

Family related leave

Adoption, surrogacy and IVF, Maternity, paternity, parental, adoption or shared leave and all obligations with regards to dependents.

Performance management

Resolving performance issues either to get the employee back on track and performing to the required standards or texting them from the business as a result.

Sickness, incapacity and long-term absence

Helping to treat employees with dignity and respect whilst undertaking a company’s legal and moral obligations to either help employees return to work or where necessary, to terminate their employment.

Annual leave calculations

Calculating annual leave for all employees, including atypical workers such as terms time only staff or part-time employees to ensure compliance with the Working Time Regulations and avoiding claims of unfair treatment or detriment.

Employment Tribunals

Our Employment Law solicitors can represent the company and or it’s directors in an Employment Tribunal claim brought by an employee.

Senior leadership or director exits

Whether contentious or a celebratory retirement after long service, managing the exit of a senior employee in the right way creates new opportunities for the business and avoids future litigation or workforce instability.

Our Employment law solicitors in our Cannock, Walsall and Sutton Coldfield will provide the right advice to guide you.

With offices in Sutton Coldfield, Walsall and Cannock, we support not only local business within the West Midlands region , but also assist national and international clients. Meetings can be held virtually or in person, according to your needs.

Contact our Employment Law team today to see how we can help you and your business.