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About the firm

We are a full service law firm with offices in Walsall, Sutton Coldfield and Cannock with over 35 lawyers and in excess of 90 members of staff. Our locations allow us to serve an extensive cross-section of clients throughout the UK, we do this through many dedicated specialist departments. Although the firm is well established with historical links, Enoch Evans is very much a 21st Century firm that invests heavily in new systems and technology to ensure steady expansion and innovation.
Staff at Enoch Evans LLP are highly trained and qualified to ensure that clients are provided with the uppermost level of service available. As a testament to this Enoch Evans LLP were the first Solicitors in the West Midlands to receive the “Investors in People” award. Please click here to view staff profiles.

History of Enoch Evans

ENOCH EVANSEnoch Evans was born in 1859 in Stafford Street, Walsall, and died in 1937.
Enoch was a well-respected citizen of Walsall who contributed a great deal not only to the legal profession within the town, but also to its civic life; with Enoch becoming Mayor of Walsall in 1921.
The Law Society has confirmed that Enoch Evans practised as a Solicitor from 1884. Walsall, at this time, had 35 Solicitors according to the law list. Ten years later the number had risen to 36 and by 1965 there were over 80.
ENOCH EVANSENOCH EVANSEnoch had six children, two of which went on to become Solicitors. John Dawe Evans (left), born 1891 qualified in 1913 and became a partner of the firm immediately. Norman Harrison Evans (right) born in 1902 and educated at Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Walsall, qualified in 1925 and also went into partnership.


ENOCH EVANSDundrennan House was situated on the Wednesbury Road at the Junction of Corporation Street, it was here that Enoch lived between 1888 and 1937. After Enoch’s death, the house was sold and used as a Nurses home for the staff at Walsall General Hospital.
ENOCH EVANSEnoch’s first offices were at No.6 Bridge Street, Walsall. Next door (No. 4) was used for Walsall’s first cottage hospital from 1863 to 1868, and is where Sister Dora first started her work.
The late 1880s saw the firm move across the road to Oriel Chambers, the offices still remain today with “Oriel Chambers” being inscribed in the fan light of No.11 Bridge Street.
At this time heating would have been by coal fire, light would have been by gas, oil or candle, every deed and letter was handwritten – these would be placed in a hand press and wet copies made… no photocopiers  or scanners in those days.


Throughout the years the firm have also been situated at the “Bank Buildings” – No.20 Bridge Street. , No. 19 Bridge Street, Tudor House and No. 35 Bridge Street.
Enoch Evans have always been at the forefront of modern and innovative technology and it was no different in 1920 when an intercom was installed in the office. The intercom was by means of a “speaking tube” between the rooms. The firm were also the first in the Borough to install one of the worlds’ most advanced digital telephone systems.
In the 21st century we continue to embrace modern and innovative technology and continue to invest in the technology to provide the best service for our clients. This enables us now to attend to clients from wherever our staff are working using the traditional telephone and e-mail or video conferencing facilities.
ENOCH EVANSEnoch was first elected to the Council as one of the representatives of Caldmore Ward, in October 1911, he was raised to Alderman rank in 1927.  He rendered particularly valuable service as a member of the Finance Committee (of which he was vice-chairman), the Free Library and the Art Gallery Committee, the Property Committee and also served on a number of other committees.
In 1921, Enoch was elected as Mayor of the Borough and had a most successful year of office.
ENOCH EVANSIn 1937 Enoch passed away at his home, one of the local newspapers reported that “Walsall has lost one of her most outstanding personalities of the passing generation, and a vacancy has been created in the ranks of public benefactors which will be extremely difficult to fill“.
In 1958 Enoch’s Grandson John (see photo – middle) joins Enoch’s sons Jack and Norman in Partnership. Enoch’s Great Grandson David joined the firm in 1985 when he became a Partner. David is now Managing Partner of Enoch Evans LLP.