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Our corporate team have a depth of experience with businesses of all sizes and can assist you with all the support and guidance that you will require. Commercially minded we take the time to understand your requirements, your business, your sector and your strategies to provide legal solutions.

Having carefully constructed legal frameworks in place is essential for the long-term growth and success of any business. Whether you are starting a business from scratch, are expanding your existing operations, or are looking to restructure, our experts can work alongside you to build robust foundations and add real value to your business.

At Enoch Evans, our highly skilled partner led corporate department boasts a team of experienced commercial solicitors and lawyers in Walsall, Sutton Coldfield and Cannock who are familiar with the needs and requirements of a diverse range of clients, from small businesses through to multinational corporations.

The expertise our team have collectively developed over many years enables us to fulfil our client’s needs and expectations. Enoch Evans provides up-to-date advice on a plethora of issues which business managers and directors face daily. We have vast experience working with commercial clients, and we are a proud member of the Legal 500, reflecting our substantial expertise in this area.

Our areas of corporate and commercial work include:

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions provide businesses with a unique opportunity to diversify and expand their operations. However, the legal processes involved in ensuring a successful transaction can be complex and require carefully tailored legal planning and advice.

Our commercial and corporate solicitors and lawyers in the West Midlands have substantial experience in mergers and acquisitions acting for both buyers and sellers. They will take the time to understand your businesses’ short and long-term goals, advising on the right type of merger or acquisition and guide you through the process of taking actions such as disposals, company mergers and corporate restructuring.

Corporate restructuring

Our specialist team can provide you with advice at the early stages of any company restructure. This can be smaller family held shares to complex group structures.

Corporate finance and Banking

Corporate finance is a broad term which refers to the process of raising finance, typically through equity or debt.

Given how many different aspects fall under the scope of corporate finance, a detailed legal strategy is essential to help balance risk with commercial opportunity. Our company and commercial team can assist with various matters, including but not limited to private equity, venture capital, asset leasing and business loans.

If you proceed with debt finance typically through a lender we can provide you with legal support. As the firm is on a number of the lender panels, we are well equipped to understand what lenders requirements are. This is a complex area and our lawyers in the team will assist the client through the lenders requirements and ensure these are dealt with so that can you get the required funding for your project.

Unincorporated business

Unincorporated businesses (also referred to as unincorporated associations) are set up through agreements between groups of people. Sometimes these are not for profit organisations such as a voluntary group or sports club.

There are a number of consequences to unincorporated associations and businesses, including that the law does not recognise it as a separate legal entity from its members or management committee, including in relation to personal liability. Our team can provide detailed advice in relation to unincorporated businesses, including the process of forming, managing and running such an entity, as well as what to do if the association does begin to make profit.

Joint venture/shareholder agreements

Joint ventures provide individual companies with a unique opportunity to work with one another to achieve a shared commercial objective that may otherwise be difficult for them to achieve as single entities.

There are a number of options available for businesses who are seeking to enter into a joint venture, which means that seeking specialist commercial advice is a necessity. Our commercial solicitors and lawyers in Sutton Coldfield, Cannock and Walsall, can be on hand to advise on the suitability of a joint venture and which specific agreement may best suit your circumstances.

Director responsibilities

Directors have a wide range of responsibilities and obligations which need to be followed at all times. Failure to do so could potentially lead to a range of penalties, including injunctions and, in some cases, criminal fines.

Our team of corporate and commercial solicitors and lawyers can advise in relation to director responsibilities, guiding you, as a director, to act within your means, as well as advising on whether other directors in your business uphold their duties.


If a company has multiple shareholders, it is important that their rights and obligations are documented. Our corporate lawyers can help you in deciding how the shareholders relationship should be set out in a shareholder’s agreement. A shareholder’s agreement is a crucial document to prevent potential disputes in the future between the shareholders.

Partnership formations

There are a wide range of different business partnerships that can be explored by those wishing to engage in a brand new legal relationship with another individual or group of individuals.

Our corporate solicitors and lawyers can work alongside your business, helping to establish what the most suitable partnership is for your current circumstances and commercial goals, as well as advising on the potential risks you need to be wary of.

Commercial agreements and contracts

Commercial agreements and contracts are the lifeblood for businesses. Our team’s expertise will ensure that these are properly drafted, enforceable and binding, protecting you and your business.

Our team have extensive experience in drafting commercial contracts that protect your interests. We can assist with reviewing contracts your business has been asked to sign, identifying any potential issues before they leave your business vulnerable. Where contractual disputes have occurred, we can refer you to our dispute resolution and commercial litigation team for further support.

Terms and conditions of trading

Most businesses will have a standard set of terms and conditions on which it contracts with its customers and clients. Having these terms and conditions drafted by a specialist commercial law solicitor enables your business to trade confidently whilst managing risk.

Our corporate team can draft and review terms and conditions pertaining to your business, so they are specifically tailored to reflect your businesses’ goals and objectives.


In a world of the IT, it is important to ensure that your business is protected. If you are trading through your website, you will need terms and conditions as well as a privacy policy. There may also be data protection implications. Our company and commercial team can advise on existing provisions that you have, revise them to take account of updates in the law or provide you bespoke ones if you do not have any.

Company formation

Setting up any type of company is likely to be an exciting, yet daunting endeavour, particularly if you have no prior commercial experience. It should go without saying that legal advice and representation is a key when navigating the complex procedures that come with company formation.

Our commercial law solicitors in Cannock, Walsall and Sutton Coldfield have extensive expertise and experience in supporting clients through the entire formation process, working with a wide range of experts and specialist advisors to ensure you have a solid foundation to work from.


When it comes to data, there are many requirements for a business to adhere to. The GDPR regulations place higher standards of compliance for organisations that collect and use data. Our corporate team can help you understand your obligations. The team can advise you on your obligations, as well as drafting all the policies to make sure your business is compliant

Why choose our commercial and corporate solicitors?

At Enoch Evans, our team of specialist corporate and commercial solicitors and lawyers based in Sutton Coldfield, Cannock and Walsall have a wealth of combined expertise and experience in a diverse range of matters. This is supported by our inclusion in the independent client guide, The Legal 500.

Our office locations allow us to support local businesses, as well as those further afield, working with clients throughout the UK.

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