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“No Fault Divorce”

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Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful and upsetting time for all parties involved.

The Family Team at Enoch Evans Solicitors are here to ensure that the process is made as easy as possible with the least amount of stress throughout the course of the proceedings.

As you may be aware, divorce proceedings changed in April 2022 when a new “No Fault Divorce” was introduced. This means that divorce proceedings can now be issued without blaming the other party, which can ease the pressure of instigating proceedings and limit the animosity between the parties.  The proceedings can also be issued by a sole Applicant or as a joint application.

When a divorce application is issued by the Court, the Respondent has 14 days to respond to the Court with their completed Acknowledgement of Service.


A further change that was made was the length of time of the proceedings, being 26 weeks in total. After 20 weeks of the divorce application being issued, Conditional Order can be applied for.  Once received, the Court then has the power to deal with any financial matters, should this be necessary.  You will then have to wait a further 6 weeks before applying for Final Order which concludes divorce proceedings.  In some cases, delaying the Final Order until there is a financial settlement for reasons related to inheritance and pensions is advisable. Making an informed decision before applying for a Final Order is important.


As mentioned above, our Family Team is here to offer support to our clients during this upsetting time and is extremely experienced in such proceedings.


Should you need any advice, please contact the Family Law Team at 01922 720333 or please visit https://enochevans.co.uk/services-for-you/family-law/ who will gladly assist

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