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With Summer around the corner and the fact that many couples have delayed their weddings during the Covid Pandemic, they will now have plans for their big special day. A couple who are marrying this summer should give serious consideration as to whether they should have a prenuptial agreement.

Most of us take out insurance when we go on holiday without the wish or expectation of using it. A prenup doesn't stop you from having a long and happy marriage and the preparation of

a pre-nup can and should proceed on an amicable basis.

At Enoch Evans we find that there is an increase in clients seeking assistance at this time of year.

A pre-nup is a bespoke document and needs careful thought. It is best to obtain advice at the earliest stage possible because of the steps which need to be taken.

Without a pre-nup, the extensive powers of the Court on Divorce can cause uncertainty and the process can be costly. A pre-nup can give the couple the security of knowledge as to what would happen in the unfortunate event that the marriage breaks down.

A pre-nup may even strengthen the marriage.

If you or someone you know is getting married and advice is needed, please contact us expert assistance The prenuptial agreement FAQ information sheet may also assist you.

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