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Our Probate Costs

No matter what legal assistance you require, Enoch Evans always recommends that you speak with a member of our specialist team in order that a quote can be personally tailored to your specific circumstances. Please call us on 01922 720333 (Walsall), 0121 355 2336 (Sutton Coldfield) ,  01543 466941 (Cannock) or email probate@enoch-evans.co.uk.

The Wills, Tax and Probate Department at Enoch Evans have been assisting clients with the Administration of Estates for over 130 years. In that time we have come to realise that our clients want certainty and transparency when instructing us to act on their behalf. As part of this we operate an ‘agreed fee’ pricing structure when dealing with the administration of an Estate. This means that following discussing your specific needs with you (at a no obligation and free of charge initial 30 minute consultation), we will then provide you with either an agreed fee, or range of agreed fees and set out exactly what work is included for the respective costs quoted.

In reaching the agreed fee or range of agreed fees the following factors are taken into account when providing a quote:-

  1. Whether or not there is a valid Will;
  2. Whether or not Enoch Evans LLP Partners are appointed the Executors of the Estate;
  3. The number of Beneficiaries;
  4. The number and value of the assets of the deceased;
  5. Whether there is a property in the Estate and whether we are to deal with the utility companies as part of the administration;
  6. The value and number of properties in the Estate;
  7. Whether the Estate is subject to the payment of Inheritance Tax;
  8. The number of meetings requested by the client. A minimum of two meetings will usually be required;

The Administration of an Estate through Enoch Evans may include the following:-

  1. Providing you with a dedicated and experienced Wills Tax and Probate Lawyer to work on your matter;
  2. An initial meeting to discuss the Estate, provide initial advice and agree the extent of the retainer required;
  3. Identify the legally appointed executors (or administrators) and beneficiaries of the Estate and write to each of them;
  4. Accurately identify the type of Probate application you will require;
  5. Identify the assets of the Deceased as where necessary write to institutions including but not limited to Banks, asset holders, utility providers, pension providers, benefit providers, insurance companies to obtain information relating to the Estate and collect in all assets;
  6. Complete the Probate Application papers, relevant HMRC forms and Oath for Executors/Administrators;
  7. Settle any Inheritance Tax if due;
  8. Prepare the Probate Application papers and the Oath to be sworn;
  9. Make the application to the Probate Court on your behalf;
  10. Obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration;
  11. Place Statutory Advertisements;
  12. Prepare Estate Accounts;
  13. Distribute the Estate once the Estate Accounts are approved by the Executors/Administrators (also after conducting bankruptcy searches):

In addition to fees for the administration of the Estate there will be a separate charge for selling any property(ies) owned by the Deceased.

On average, Estates that are not subject to Inheritance Tax are completed within 6-12 months depending largely on whether there is a property to sell and the whereabouts of the Deceased’s assets. Estates which are subject to Inheritance Tax take on average between 12-24 months to complete but this will depend on whether there is property to sell and the whereabouts of the Deceased’s assets.

Typically it takes between 2-4 months to obtain the Grant of Probate only.

As our service is tailored to your individual requirements, it is not possible to detail the exact costs due to the variety of factors that are taken into account when calculating our charges. However, to assist please see below some indicative examples for the administration of an uncontested Estate with all assets situated in the UK, no liabilities and no significant delays or unusual complexities:-

1 - To administer an Estate in the following circumstances:-

a) cash assets worth £10,000;

b) property worth £100,000;

c) Not subject to Inheritance Tax;

Our Legal Fees are £1,750 – £2,750 (plus VAT at 20%)
(Depending on other factors to be taken into account)

2 - To administer an Estate in the following circumstances

a) Liquid assets worth £500,000;

b) property worth £500,000;

c) Subject to Inheritance Tax:

Our Legal Fees are £8,750 – £13,750 (plus VAT at 20%)
(Depending on other factors to be taken into account)

3 - At Enoch Evans LLP we deal with many Estates that exceed the £1million value. As we find the requirements of our clients and each Estate vary considerably we always quote on a bespoke and individual basis, taking into account all unique factors. Please contact us so that we can prepare a no obligation agreed fee quote for you.

It should be noted that the above examples are provided for illustrative purposes only. Charges and costs vary considerably between matters. This information is based on an analysis over the past two years and our experience of previous matters dealt with.

  • In addition to legal fees, other out of pocket expenses payable to third parties will also be incurred. These may include but are not limited to £273.00 for the Probate Court fee, plus an additional £1.50 for additional copies. depending on number of sealed copies of Grant of Probate needed;
  • £7 Swearing of the Oath fee (per executor);
  • £102 to post in The London Gazette – this protects against unexpected claims from unknown creditors;
  • £50-150 to post in a Local Newspaper – This also helps to protect against unexpected claims;
  • £3 per title or plan as required (including VAT at 20%) Office Copy Entries (per property) to check the title of any properties owned by the Estate:

We currently also charge £20.00 plus VAT per person or entity for each money laundering check we have to complete, this includes the cost of carrying out an electronic anti-money laundering check and electronic client identification search.

All of the lawyers within our Wills, Tax and Probate team specialise in this area of law.